One of the starting points for the High Hedges(Scotland)Bill will be the existing legislation introduced in England and Wales. The Westminster legislation underwent many debates over five years having fallen at least on three occasions to undemocratic wrecking amendments by a small clique of MPs. The final Stephen Pound MP Bill evolved as one of the most heavily debated and revised Private Members Bills and when it fell to around 100 wrecking amendments despite virtually universal MP and Government acclaim, an rescue route to legislation was provided by amendment of the Westminster Antisocial Behaviour Bill in November 2003.


Because of devolution, Scottish hedge victims were unable to benefit from the English Bill despite having possibly paid for it in general taxation.


Whilst this has been a great frustration to Scothedge campaigners as long suffering hedge abused, there are benefits to be gained from translating the English Bill to meet the Scottish administrative realities and to make use of our own “hindsight” ability to scrutinise the legislation to aspire to a better Bill. This has been the stated opinion of the Scottish Executive when questioned about why unique Scottish legislation was appropriate.


This page provides links to “the English Experience” so that the Westminster High Hedges legislation can be used as a benchmark against which to judge whether the “Tartan” version does achieve a better Bill.  It will also allow hedge victims to see the nature of the likely legislation and to identify where improvements might be accomplished through the deliberations of our own MSPs.


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High Hedges Amendment to Westminster ASBB